We believe passionately that people are the most important ingredient of our business.
So we have a slightly different approach to recruitment than othersŠ.

Rule #1

You really, really must truly Œ’get’ Maggie & Rose and we really, really must truly Œ’get’ YOU.

Rule #2

We don’t just want to see your CV!
We want to hear about YOU
So do something inspirational to get our attention!

Rule #3

In the event of any confusion, refer to Rule #1

Ok, so just to help you out a little bit, we have 4 super-powerful guiding principles and values that we live by:

Think Visually

Be Extraordinary

Support & Nurture

Inspire Creativity

And in case you want to know a bit about our plans for the future, here are just some of the things we are going to do:


Continue to build awesome family member’s clubs across London, the UK and internationally


Create the most ground breaking, inspirational Nursery concept


Invest in growing a team of very special people


Enjoy Œ’Prosecco Friday’ every now & again!

If we haven’t bored you to death with how we are going to change the world (which, by the way, we will – we REALLY will, just you watch, Šalthough it won’t be overnight, so you might want to pop back to this page in a year or so!) – then throw caution to the wind, and click the button below to see what happens nextŠ.