Maggie & Rose Camps & Classes are world renowned!
We like…Cooking with real chefs in our cool cookery schools (baby bake off anyone?)
Listening to Jazz and getting messy on canvases à la Jackson Pollock
Dancing… boogying…. singing… we can’t stop!
BIG kids’ holiday clubs, from wizardry to globe trotting, the fun starts here.


Cooking is one of our most popular classes and is a fantastic activity that can involve the whole family.  It’s great to learn to cook with your kids from an early age as it can act as a great ice breaker in initiating conversation with your not so little ones in the future, asking them how their day was at secondary school over a big batch of cakes!  Cooking can also make kids try more foods as they tend to be more willing to taste different things if they are making it themselves.

Our classes have broadened the palates of many a fussy eater, with recipes such as spring onion and bacon muffins and beetroot brownies! 

We believe that even the tiniest hands can conjure culinary delights – even if some of the ingredients don’t make it into the bowl! Using innovative themes such as ‘Superfoods for Superheroes’ to ‘Around the World’, we encourage curiosity whilst keeping the little ones engaged and educated.


Maggie & Rose Art Classes start at the tiny age of 12 months and you can watch little ones grow in to the next van Gogh.  Not only is it fun to listen to jazz whilst getting messy on canvas à la Jackson Pollock (and for mummy & daddy not to have to tidy up post-art storm) but anything arty is a great vehicle for expanding your child’s development; it increases hand-eye coordination, stimulates both sides of the brain and allows children to express themselves on their own terms.

Join us in our well-equipped, super inspiring Art Studio where every week, messy masters discover new textures, techniques and colours supporting those essential developmental skills that all budding artists need. Durning the holidays, the kids also learn a mix and mash of art history and delicate skills to rival Da Vinci.


Music and Make & Make Believe

Our Make & Make Believe class is THE class for allowing your child to run wild with their imaginations…and with imagination comes learning – through movement and music your child is discovering themselves and how to confidently express themselves in front of their peers. Dancing… boogying…. singing… we can’t stop!

Little ones are encouraged to get moving, and musical babies are introduced to rhythm and sound, developing much needed skills. We also provide the coolest fancy dress box in town for all those pirates and princesses!

If your neighbours can’t stand the racket then come and join us at our Clubs and immerse yourself with instruments, puppets, parachutes, and songs galore.