Mid-Autumn Timetable 2022

  • 16/08/2022

Mid-Autumn is one of the most important Chinese festivals where family and friends gather together. It’s the night when the moon should be at its fullest and brightest and when yummy mooncakes and fruits are enjoyed.

Join our special Mid-Autumn-themed week of classes and camps with your little ones and friends to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!

Legend says the Jade Rabbit stays in the Moon Palace and we will be making tasty treats to celebrate the little Medicine Pounder.

The moon comes in different phases and moon snacks come in different forms. Time to cook up some tasty moon snacks!

What better way to celebrate the Moon festival than making a moon of your own?

We are adding our own Maggie & Rose twist to making lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival and your little ones will get messy to create their very own unique work of art.

Join us in our Mini Musicians class as we will take your little ones on a musical trip to the moon – and back!

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