Online Classes

  • 30/07/2022

List of Materials & Ingredients

Autumn Timetable – Week 12 – 5 to 9 Dec 2022 – please see below in blue

With kindergartens and primary schools closed, you may be dreading it (not sure about the kids), but if you are looking for something for them to do, our signature cooking and art classes are back online. It will be almost as much fun as doing them in person though you will have to do the cleaning up yourself (sorry!). For additional convenience, pick up selected materials and ingredients from our Repulse Bay Club is available so you can prep less. 

Our online classes are for Cooking and Art classes only, follow Repulse Bay Club timetable.

Each cooking class 45 minutes, member price HK$380 per kid, non-member price HK$430 per kid.

Each art class 45 minutes, member price HK$350 per kid, non-member price HK$400 per kid.

No online format for Music classes.

Music class (6-12 months) 35 minutes, member price HK$300 per kid, non-member price HK$350 per kid.

Music class (other age groups) 45 minutes, member price HK$320 per kid, non-member price HK$370 per kid.

Materials or ingredients you can pick up from us are marked with an *

Autumn Timetable – Week 12 – Monday – Cooking Class – Superfoods for Superheroes

Cooking recipe 1 – Spinach Cannelloni

Ground nutmeg x 1 pinch*
Steamed spinach x 1/4 cup
Yogurt x 1 tbsp
Tomato sauce x 2 tbsp
Cooked peas x 1 tbsp
Grated Mozzarella x 1 handful
Cooked small cannelloni x 4 tubes

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Bowl, knife, spoon, tray, baking tray

Cooking recipe 2 – Mint & Watermelon Salad

Pumpkin seeds x 1 tbsp*
Olive oil x 1 tbsp*
Watermelon x 1 wedge
Mint plant x 3 twigs
Vinegar x 1/2 cup

Bowl, knife, spoon, tray

Autumn Timetable – Week 12 – Tuesday – Art Class – Around The World

Craft – Globe

Newspaper strip x 5-6 sheets*
Masking tape x 1 length*
Mod Roc strip x 5-6 sheets*
Green salt dough/clay x 1 small ball*
Blue paint x 1 bulb each*

Art tray, paint palette, paint brush

Autumn Timetable – Week 12 – Wednesday & Thursday – Cook & Craft Class – Cook Up A Book

Cooking – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Black Bean Brownie

Cooked black beans x 2 tbsp
Plain flour x 1 tbsp
Apple purée x 1 tbsp
Coconut milk x 2 tbsp
Olive oil x 1 squeeze
Honey x 1 squeeze
Cocoa powder x 2 heap tbsp*
Dried raisins x 1 tbsp*

Bowl, spoon, tray, baking parchment

Craft – Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – Wonko Bar

Gold dolly/foil piece x handful
Glitter x 1 pinch
Tin foil piece x 1
Glue stick x 1

Art tray

Please email here to sign up and once payment has been received, we will email you the link to attend the class. Once payment has been made, no refund is allowed. Please give us no less than 24 hours’ notice if you wish to reschedule your online class. No show or late joiner will still be charged.

Please remember to: 
-let us have the names of all the kids who will be watching the class  
-let us know if you need to pick up the materials or ingredients from the Club and when so we can have them ready for you 
-have all the materials or ingredients listed ready on hand before the class starts as you may not have time to go looking for them once the class starts 
-join the class on time
-connect the audio so you can hear us, we will be muting our audio so we cannot hear you 
-turn your camera on so we can see your progress during the class and help if you need it 
-have fun with your little one(s)