Online classes are back!

  • 12/01/2022


With kindergartens and primary schools closed (oh no!!!), you may be dreading it (not sure about the kids), but if you’re looking for something for them to do, our signature cooking and art activities are back online. It will be almost as much fun as doing them in person though you’ll have to do the cleaning up yourself (sorry!). For additional convenience, pick up selected materials and ingredients from our clubs so you prep less. 

Our online classes will start on 17 January 2022 and follow the Repulse Bay schedule.

Art 45 minutes, member price $350
Cooking 45 minutes, member price $380 

Music 45 minutes, member price $320, 6-12 mths $300
Class credits can be used.

Price or one credit is for one email link and a single portion of selected materials/ingredients for one kid.  If you require more portions, the charge above or one credit will apply per extra portion. 

Materials/ingredients you can pick up from us marked with an *

Cook up a rainbow (double recipe) – Yellow

Recipe 1 – BANANA CAKE

Banana 1 pc

Coconut sugar 1 tbsp*

Desiccated coconut 1 tbsp*

MELTED butter 1 tbsp

Plain yogurt 1 tbsp

Vanilla extract 1/8 tsp*

Self-raising flour 2 heaped tbsp*

Eggs (WHISKED) 1 dribble

Bowl, spoon, baking sheet, baking tray large enough to fit cake

Recipe 2 – Turmeric Mac & Cheese

Broccoli 1 floret

Cauliflower 1 floret

Macaroni (COOKED) 1/2 cup

Cheddar cheese 1 digger hand

White sauce 1 dollop

Turmeric 1/4 tsp*

Garlic Purée 1 squeeze

Ham 1 heaped tbsp

Bowl, Spoon, Knife

Bugalicious art class – Ladybird

Brass paper fastener x 1*

Paper plate x 1*

Paper bowl x 1*

Black pipe cleaners x 3*

Black paint *

Googly eyes *

Red paint *


Kitchen Jammin’ Cook & Craft class – Coconut


Red onion (diced and cooked) 2 pinches

Minced garlic 1 big pinch

Minced ginger 1 pinch

Mustard Seeds 1 pinch*

Mild Curry powder 1/4 tsp*

Curry leaf 1*

Stock 3 tbsp

Coconut milk 3 tbsp

Carrot chunks 2 chunks

Potato chunks 2 chunks

Broccoli florets 2 florets

Green beans 2

Tinned chickpeas 1 tbsp

Fresh Coriander 1 sprig

Desiccated coconut 1 big pinch * (please toast before class)

Basmati Rice to go with curry (OPTIONAL)

Spoon, bowl, knife

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

Steam potato and carrot until half cooked, cut into big chunks


Coconut shell half x 1 *

Cream card circles *

Natural coloured elastic band *

Brown/ black felt tip pen/ dabbers

PVA glue

Glue spatula, pot

Natural coloured string pieces x 3*

Please email here to sign up and once payment has been received, we will email you the link to attend the classes.  Please remember to: 

  • let us have the names of all the kids who will be watching the class  
  • let us know if you need to pick up the materials/ingredients and from which club and when so we can have them ready for you 
  • have all the materials/ingredients listed ready at hand before the class starts as you may not have time to go looking for them once the class starts 
  • join the class on time.  You will not be able to join 5 minutes after the start time 
  • connect the audio so you can hear us, we’ll be muting our audio so we can’t hear you 
  • turn your camera on so we can see your progress during the class and help if you need it 
  • have fun with your little one(s)!!