Brazilian football class @ Repulse Bay Brazil International Soccer School

  • 25/03/2021

Brazil International Soccer School program on the philosophy of JOGA BONITO which encourages young football players to spend a long time on the ball becomes an extension of the body. BISS training sessions focus on teaching how to control and understand the way in which football reacts to different touches from the feet and body. Trick, drills skills are broken down into easily learnable components that are achieved through repetition and practice which become natural movements in a game setting.

About Coach :

Coach Jorge has over 10 years experience working with the kids in Hong Kong. His playing career started in Brazil at Corinthians at age 10 and became professional at age 18 . He played in Russia, Finland, Korea and Hong Kong. He was selected 5 times in the Brazilian National team under 17’s with the former legend Ronaldo. 


Little Stars – Age 3-4  (Duration : 45 -50mins)

Skills : Locomotor , Basic football

Learning objectives Focus : Running – Catching- Throwing. Kicking – Balance

General: Fun. Structured . Safe environment 

Parents and coaches work together to facilitate child growth and development.

Children benefit from group interaction , learn to share and take turns.

Children develop confidence in own abilities 

All Stars – Age: 5-6  (Duration : 1 hour)

Skills : Individual and social, concentration, coordination and balance, ball skills

Learning objectives focus :Brazilian drills Dribbling Effective communication and use football terms

General : Children develop their sense of set in a social and social and practical context 

Good coordination, concentration and agility allow coaches to fine tune basic football skills 

Free Trial Classes*,Saturday April 3 & Sunday April 4 2021: 
2:30 – 3pm for Age 3-4
3- 3:30pm for Age 5-6

* First Come , First Served

Term classes , start on 13 April 2021: 
Age 3-4 – Tuesday 3:30 – 4:20pm, Friday  3:30 -4:20pm
Age 5-6 – Tuesday 4:30- 5:20 pm, Friday  4:30 – 5:20pm

Price: $3000 for 10 classes** (10% off for member)

**minimum 10 classes booking

Email : to book